Bret Baier: I Don’t Think There’s Any Way Trump Will Release His Taxes

‘President Trump is obviously saying there wasn’t a big call from voters for this’


BAIER: "Expect this battle to continue, Jon. I don’t think there’s any way that President Trump, from what he said so far, is going to release those tax returns. Traditionally, presidents have. Is there a law that says he has to? No, but there is a real call on Capitol Hill from the Democratic side because they believe it will tell a lot about the companies and what he’s tied to. President Trump is obviously saying there wasn’t a big call from voters for this. The media was calling for it and he won the election, so I don’t expect the Trump Administration to change their tune on not putting these out. The transparency questions, though, are real and we’ll have a story about that comparing to the Obama Administration. Some of the questions are being raised now."

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