Renato Mariotti Appears on CNN’s ‘Newsroom’ to Discuss Gen. Flynn Subpoenaes

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05/24/2017 07:28 pm
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RUSH TRANSCRIPT Joining me ░░░░░░░░ is a federal prosecutor ░░░░░░░░ the northern district of ░░░░░░░░ I hear some people ░░░░░░░░ would look at this ░░░░░░░░ say oh my goodness ░░░░░░░░ s lawyering up But ░░░░░░░░ you talk to lawyers ░░░░░░░░ it they say of ░░░░░░░░ he is Your take ░░░░░░░░ I would recommend the ░░░░░░░░ thing to the president ░░░░░░░░ this circumstance The president ░░░░░░░░ a White House counsel ░░░░░░░░ the White House counsel ░░░░░░░░ the office of the ░░░░░░░░ of the United States ░░░░░░░░ Donald Trump in his ░░░░░░░░ capacity So for example ░░░░░░░░ that Mr Trump did ░░░░░░░░ he became the president ░░░░░░░░ the United States would ░░░░░░░░ be privileged If he ░░░░░░░░ talking about those matters ░░░░░░░░ the White House counsel ░░░░░░░░ if there are things ░░░░░░░░ he s doing that ░░░░░░░░ not in his official ░░░░░░░░ that are not part ░░░░░░░░ the office of president ░░░░░░░░ would not be privileged ░░░░░░░░ he s talking about ░░░░░░░░ issues with the White ░░░░░░░░ counsel So it s ░░░░░░░░ important for him to ░░░░░░░░ his own attorney It ░░░░░░░░ of takes some of ░░░░░░░░ off the plate of ░░░░░░░░ House counsel Obviously they ░░░░░░░░ working on a lot ░░░░░░░░ other things that have ░░░░░░░░ to do with this ░░░░░░░░ investigation I want to ░░░░░░░░ back to something that ░░░░░░░░ heard the former CIA ░░░░░░░░ John Brennan say He ░░░░░░░░ a house intelligence panel ░░░░░░░░ sometimes people may not ░░░░░░░░ that they re on ░░░░░░░░ path to treason Here ░░░░░░░░ what he said By ░░░░░░░░ time I left office ░░░░░░░░ January 20th I had ░░░░░░░░ questions in my mind ░░░░░░░░ to whether or not ░░░░░░░░ Russians had been successful ░░░░░░░░ getting U S Persons ░░░░░░░░ in the campaign or ░░░░░░░░ to work on their ░░░░░░░░ again either in a ░░░░░░░░ or unwitting fashion Frequently ░░░░░░░░ who go along a ░░░░░░░░ path do not even ░░░░░░░░ they are along that ░░░░░░░░ until it gets to ░░░░░░░░ a bit too late ░░░░░░░░ this idea that he ░░░░░░░░ yesterday this idea that ░░░░░░░░ unwittingly could have participated ░░░░░░░░ something that ultimately is ░░░░░░░░ if say that did ░░░░░░░░ if a member of ░░░░░░░░ Trump campaign or an ░░░░░░░░ of Donald Trump would ░░░░░░░░ be charged with colluding ░░░░░░░░ he or she was ░░░░░░░░ even aware that they ░░░░░░░░ involved with something say ░░░░░░░░ Russian intelligence officer So ░░░░░░░░ think an important distinction ░░░░░░░░ your viewers should realize ░░░░░░░░ that treason there s ░░░░░░░░ called treason That s ░░░░░░░░ specific crime and being ░░░░░░░░ with treason requires that ░░░░░░░░ act intentionally to subvert ░░░░░░░░ allegiance to the United ░░░░░░░░ But there are a ░░░░░░░░ of other things that ░░░░░░░░ can do that are ░░░░░░░░ like mishandling improper material ░░░░░░░░ other things that you ░░░░░░░░ do that you could ░░░░░░░░ example make false statements ░░░░░░░░ other things and what ░░░░░░░░ might what I think ░░░░░░░░ know what I think ░░░░░░░░ was referring to is ░░░░░░░░ sometimes you might do ░░░░░░░░ that you think oh ░░░░░░░░ this isn t such ░░░░░░░░ big deal I ll ░░░░░░░░ this to this person ░░░░░░░░ I ll try toll ░░░░░░░░ ll fudge something here ░░░░░░░░ there without realizing that ░░░░░░░░ person that you re ░░░░░░░░ is an agent of ░░░░░░░░ foreign government Do you ░░░░░░░░ the difference between the ░░░░░░░░ of something being treasonous ░░░░░░░░ maybe a layperson would ░░░░░░░░ the word and treason ░░░░░░░░ you would use the ░░░░░░░░ legally you make that ░░░░░░░░ there Exactly right If ░░░░░░░░ for example is lying ░░░░░░░░ order to protect Russian ░░░░░░░░ the average person might ░░░░░░░░ that treason But if ░░░░░░░░ didn t know that ░░░░░░░░ person he was lying ░░░░░░░░ behalf of was a ░░░░░░░░ agent perhaps it wouldn ░░░░░░░░ legally fall within that ░░░░░░░░ although he may be ░░░░░░░░ some other crime All ░░░░░░░░ Let s talk about ░░░░░░░░ Flynn Obviously he can ░░░░░░░░ to speak but this ░░░░░░░░ of not cooperating when ░░░░░░░░ comes to subpoenaing paperwork ░░░░░░░░ have the Senate Intel ░░░░░░░░ they are looking at ░░░░░░░░ him possibly with contempt ░░░░░░░░ can they compel him ░░░░░░░░ do with their actions ░░░░░░░░ s a few different ░░░░░░░░ They ve issued subpoenas ░░░░░░░░ corporate entities that he ░░░░░░░░ affiliated with because corporations ░░░░░░░░ t have a fifth ░░░░░░░░ privilege Right now courts ░░░░░░░░ change that They ve ░░░░░░░░ giving more rights to ░░░░░░░░ over time the Supreme ░░░░░░░░ has But they don ░░░░░░░░ have a fifth amendment ░░░░░░░░ In addition they could ░░░░░░░░ they could the Senate ░░░░░░░░ give him immunity to ░░░░░░░░ production of documents which ░░░░░░░░ mean he d have ░░░░░░░░ give up the documents ░░░░░░░░ they still could be ░░░░░░░░ against him but the ░░░░░░░░ of those documents would ░░░░░░░░ be used against him ░░░░░░░░ other words let s ░░░░░░░░ he has some incriminating ░░░░░░░░ They could still use ░░░░░░░░ document against Mr Flynn ░░░░░░░░ they could not say ░░░░░░░░ they got it from ░░░░░░░░ in that proceeding or ░░░░░░░░ they could also do ░░░░░░░░ pursue contempt proceedings Either ░░░░░░░░ Senate could do that ░░░░░░░░ themselves which they have ░░░░░░░░ done since 1935 They ░░░░░░░░ have a full hearing ░░░░░░░░ essentially a trial themselves ░░░░░░░░ order him imprisoned or ░░░░░░░░ likely which they ve ░░░░░░░░ more recently refer this ░░░░░░░░ to a criminal prosecutor ░░░░░░░░ ultimately that U S ░░░░░░░░ could decide whether or ░░░░░░░░ to pursue contempt We ░░░░░░░░ see what happens Renato ░░░░░░░░ you for being with ░░░░░░░░ You’re welcome.
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