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ABC Hosts Ask If U.S. Can Accept Gun Control [Whole Clip]

Name: NewsBusters


Good Morning America

Name: Good Morning America


Elizabeth Vargas

Name: Elizabeth Vargas

Employment: ABC News

Position: Anchor

, Pierre Thomas

Name: Pierre Thomas

Employment: ABC News

Position: Senior justice correspondent

THOMAS: "Supporters of gun control point to Australia. In 1996, after a mass shooting there, that country banned certain types of rifles and launched a massive gun buyback campaign. Since then, Australia has not had a single mass shooting. Is there a will or desire to do something like that in the US? We don't yet know. Elizabeth -- "
VARGAS: "Pierre, the NRA has been notably silent since the attacks on Friday. What about retail stores? Sporting goods stores that sell these guns? Any moves, any actions or any statements from them?"
THOMAS: "We're hearing this morning that Dick's Sporting Goods, a major chain is announcing that it's banning certain types of rifles."
VARGAS: "All right, well that's one step."
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