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Halperin: ‘There Were Russian Troops on the Iowa-Wisc. Border that Kept Hillary from Going In’



Morning Joe

Name: Morning Joe


Mark Halperin

Name: Mark Halperin

Employment: Bloomberg Politics

Position: Co-Managing Editor

, Mika Brzezinski

Name: Mika Brzezinski

Employment: MSNBC

Position: Host, author

, Joe Scarborough

Name: Joe Scarborough

Employment: MSNBC

Position: Host, Author

, Harold Ford Jr.

Name: Harold Ford Jr.

Position: Politician

New York, N.Y.

Name: New York, N.Y.


Not online media
SCARBOROUGH: “Mark, I can also say the same thing about, again, the paper I read every day, the only paper I read every day, the New York state times, which seems to have decided that they are going to take on — instead of being journalists, they are going to be the resistance. It’s so skewed one way and it’s so backward looking that there’s nobody — they should be the ones on the forefront if they really decide they want to be a Progressive paper, to explain Y. Have Democrats lost 900 state legislative seats over the past eight years? Why they have lost 60-plus seats in the house? Why have they lost 12 seats in the Senate? Why have they lost all those governmentships? You can only blame the Russians and Donald Trump for so many things.”
HALPERIN: “There were Russian troops on the Iowa/Wisconsin border that kept Hillary Clinton from going in. And it’s not a new economic agenda for a revitalized democratic — people want to change the direction in which the country is getting ready to go, and their failure to not just take responsibility but to think about what is the path back, and most Democrats I talk to who are thinking about this say it’s with an economic message that speaks to everybody in the country.”
BARNICLE: “Joe, I mean —“
SCARBOROUGH: “Mika, why have they lost all of these seats over the past eight years? They either figure this out or they do become a permanent minority.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Yeah, I’m — I am still concerned there’s still an allegiance that is false that they are clinging to, and we can talk more about that coming up because it’s complicated.”
FORD: “The Democrats are looking ahead.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Who are they?”
FORD: “I think Tim is looking ahead, and I think Andrew Cuomo is looking ahead and there are Democrats — many more of them.”
FORD: “I am a Democrat and looking ahead.”
BRZEZINSKI: “Good. All right. I am, too.”
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