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Chris Matthews' Top Contributions to Bipartisanship in 2013
To celebrate the release of the MSNBC host's new book 'Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked,' a look back

As political maven Chris Matthews embarks on a publicity tour to promote his new book, "Tip and the Gipper: When Politics Worked," the notoriously belligerent MSNBC host is celebrating an era when, to use his words, "There wasn’t this thing about brinkmanship … There was a respect for each other and a respect for institutions."

As Matthews makes the media rounds, calling for a return to civility, Grabien herewith presents his own top contributions to bipartisanship:

On October 7th, Matthews compares Speaker Boehner to Mahmoud Abbas, chairman of the Palestinian Liberation Organization:

'They’re always worried about the terrorists behind them would break the deal'
In an almost-compliment, Matthews spent MLK Day hearkening back to the day when at least anti-black white racists were honest about their hatred, unlike today's conservatives: 

'At least in the old days they were honest about it'
On July 31st, Matthews called Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee "terrorists" for not ruling out a government shutdown:

'I believe it's terrorism'
Also on July 29th, Matthews compared Republicans who support voter ID laws to Apartheid supporters: 

'It does look like it's almost like South Africa'
In perhaps an honest attempt at reconciliation, Matthews on July 18th apologized on behalf of all white people to all black people:

'I’m speaking now for all white people'
In an effort to reach understanding with the LGBT community, Matthews empathetically noted that America is now "half slave":

'Almost like half slave and half free'
On June 6th, Matthews confessed to once voting Republican. He voted for Michael Steele because he's black:

'We don't have any African Americans in the United States Senate, which I think is a disgrace'
On May 24th, Matthews said Ted Cruz is the "unsmiling, contemptuous face of the wild, nasty hard-right":

'Ted Cruz of Texas is a disaster'
On April 15th, the day the Boston Marathon was bombed by two young terrorists, Matthews speculated the "tax day" and "government hatred" likely motivated the attack:

'April 15th, does that tell you anything?'
On March 22nd, Matthews decried Rep. Michele Bachmann's criticism of President Obama's lavish personal spending, saying it reeked of racism: 

'I think it's nasty stuff'
On March 20th, Matthews, in a bid to understand, wondered aloud why any black American would partake in the "racist" tea party movement: 

'Why would they want to identify with a group that is basically pro-states rights?'
On March 12, Matthews says water-boarding former Vice President Dick Cheney might prove helpful in getting him to admit that he went to war in Iraq simply because he "saw my chance":

'If you waterboard Cheney'
On March 8th, Matthews wonders why Republican "hater" groups are not embracing President Obama:

'When I think about these hate groups'
On March 6th, Matthews says "hate groups" support Republicans like Sens. Paul and Cruz:

'This right wing hysteria'
On February 19th, Matthews suspects Republicans are trying to destroy America "using CIA tactics":

'We are using in this country the same old Cold War CIA'
On February 5th, Matthews accused Republicans of spending months trying to prevent blacks, the poor, and young people from voting:

'Your party ought to be ashamed of itself'
On January 3rd, Matthews suggested Republicans today have to be like segregationists in order to be accepted among their peers:

'You have to be the most segregationist guy'

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