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MSNBC's Top 10 Most Overwrought Reactions to the George Zimmerman Verdict
After the jury reached its verdict, many disappointed MSNBC hosts struggled to keep perspective

10. Toure says America hasn't changed since the days of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black boy who was murdered in 1955 after flirting with a white woman -- and whose murderers were later acquitted. 

9. Anchor Thomas Roberts says the verdict inspired him to prompt MSNBC to advocate for an overthrow of the social contract.

8. On MSNBC, Rep. Charlie Rangel speculates that had Zimmerman been black, cops would have beat him to death.

7. Georgetown professor and MSNBC contributor Michael Eric Dyson says that if whites want to grasp blacks' racial grief stirred by the Zimmerman case, they should recall how they felt on 9/11. 

6. Toure says the case proves that "walking while black" is illegal in America. 

5. On MSNBC, Rev. Jesse Jackson said the verdict was a miscarriage of justice due to the lack of black jurors (editor's note: the Constitution's guarantee of a "jury of your peers" is meant to protect the defendant, not prosecution). 

4. Nation journalist Mychal Denzel Smith accused Zimmerman's attorneys of portraying the defendant as the protector of "white womanhood," akin to the legal strategy employed by lynching defendants.

3. Anchor Melissa Harris-Perry said the verdict conveyed that it's acceptable to kill young unarmed black men. 

2. Anchor Chris Jansing said that whatever one thinks about the case, it's clear 12-year-olds are now "crawling into bed with their parents ... out of fear."

1. Harris-Perry says the verdict made her wish her children had never been born.